5280 Building Status

5280 Building Status


I wanted to give an update. I wish it were better news on a building-I do know it is important to share as many of you have committed to praying daily on the building. I do not waiver that I believe God’s desire is we have a building .

I know there will be a point we look back on this journey of finding a building and smile with God knowing he was leading us to the exact place for 5280 and Refuge. Two days after writing a positive update to volunteers/friends, the owner of the Broadway building (Nick) contacted me about a major issue that the inspection did not show.

There is a small area of the warehouse that has a basement that was used for a coal stove. He discovered that it is very unsafe and could be a huge liability. Nick is a follower of Christ, loves what we do and wants to rent it to 5280 and Refuge but knows it is not safe to rent. He said he would be nuts to rent it.

There are several of us who really feel like it is the building we are to be at and yet we don't know what God is up to.

Last Sunday I texted Nick and said “I know I am crazy but have you considered having a structural engineer look at that section and see if it could be fixed or even boarded up. I was surprised to hear that he wanted to look into it.

We are not ready to give up on that space, and am praying if it is not this building that we listen and obey.

It has been up and down emotionally, and yet we know God is right in the middle of the details and at work!

So, what do we do?

Praying, praying and at the same time looking for other doors to open. I had Pat Taylor come and look at the building to see if I was crazy. We are going to talk to Nick and hopefully take the next step to investigate further. If we sectioned this piece off, we would be under 6,000 square feet and having to put a sprinkler system in for code would not be necessary.

Skip and I talked to a church that is willing to rent a space but it is two small rooms and sanctuary use and I don’t believe we are to settle for no showers and place for a clothing and food bank. At the same time, I want to be open and listen to what God wants.

It is important that we have an army of people asking God for a miracle and to guide us to the right place for Movement 5280 and Refuge. I have asked Pastor Shawn if we could pray as a church family each Sunday over this.

So thankful for your continued prayers, giving and serving at Movement 5280!