MOVEMENT 5280 is not just a building; it has become “family” to many youth and young adults in Denver. 
Movement 5280 was envisioned in 2010. We wanted to reach homeless and street-connected youth and young adults. In October 2010, several adults, with support from Denver First Church, rented a small space on the corner of E Colfax and S Colorado Blvd and opened their doors for a hot meal, friendship, and a place of refuge.
Our youth nights grew in numbers and became known as the place to be on a Friday night for youth on the streets because they had friends who cared about them. Movement 5280, now located on 1229 S Broadway in Denver has become “family” to many youth. In fact, many of our youth and young adults have been part of Movement 5280 since its beginnings. They have found friendship and care, hope and a purpose.
Movement 5280 is focused on building relationships, walking life together, and meeting physical, spiritual needs of at-risk and homeless youth. 
What we have learned through creating 5280 is simple: There are many people, of all ages, who do not have the comfort of a “family”; who do not have a friend to sit across the table and listen; who do not experience the joys of ‘holidays’ like Christmas and birthdays, and who are without Hope!     
So at 5280, it is about ‘Walking Life with one another”….a hot meal, conversation, a pair of socks, a resting place for youth. They may be on the streets, in a shelter, in a Treatment Center, or a volunteer’s own child. We are also unique in that we encourage our youth to “give back” in service to others by volunteering and becoming youth leaders at 5280.