Movement 5280 Move: HELP WANTED- for MOVE Schedule


Here is proposed schedule for Movement 5280/Lost and Found Move

Please let us know specific dates you can help! We need many hands for this job!!!

I also included when we will be closed at 5280.

Movement 5280 Move organizer and schedule

Monday, April 17: 4-8 pm packing

Thursday, April 20: 1-7 pm packing and security cameras taken down

Friday, April 21: evening packing with volunteers 7-9 pm

Saturday, April 22: 9-5 pm packing and moving furniture GO DAY

Sunday, April 23: 1:30-5:30 pm moving sound system after church

Monday, April 24: continued moving during day and evening

Tuesday, April 25: cleaning, moving (daytime)

Wednesday, April 26: cleaning (daytime)

Saturday, April 29: removal of glass doors, carpet, closet door, sink, etc. GO DAY

This Monday will be our last Monday open for community

Wednesday Skip will open-following Wednesday in park

This Friday will be our last Friday and the following Friday will be in park

Sunday will be our final Sunday at 5280: we will announce location this Sunday (finalizing).

We will pass out calendars, phone numbers, web site and facebook info on Wednesday and Friday and Sunday

We will create functional teams assigned to specific areas:

Teams 4-5 adults per team

Kitchen, pantry, office and check in teams

Sound system team: Vince Rosales with volunteers

Clothing bank packing team: Deann Craver and volunteers

Furniture move teams

We need 3 drivers –we will be renting a uhaul truck as well plus (10-12) crew members: (1) 14 foot rental and the two DFC trailers

Jim with Phil and 2 paid helpers will get SES stuff out…office chairs, conference table, desk and metal stuff to scrap place.

Computer team:

Security system: Tyler Neumann

Construction team: glass doors, sound booth, kitchen sink, doors, etc.

Tina Hayhurst