Movement 5280 News

5280 friends,

Happy Easter!

We have some important good news to share!

It was less then 24 hours after writing the update below that we made an offer on a warehouse on South Bannock and the offer was accepted. What is a cool part of this story is that we had already seen this very space, and did not think it would work: for some reason we were only shown a portion of the space and it was too small. Two weeks ago, we decided to go back and look at this space again with our realtor. It was revealed that there was an additional significant amount of space not shown to us that would make a perfect kitchen area!

This property is the same square footage that we are presently in and is all on one floor. We are excited about this! We believe God is giving us a space that will be just right for our budgets and yet because of how it is laid out, we can grow! The location is off of Broadway so less expensive and also less intrusive to neighbors.

The building will be owned by Lost and Found and is being donated through a generous individual! This will allow 5280 to use our monthly budget for greater services for our young adults. There will be opportunities for our church and mission teams to assist in building projects to customize this new space for our specific needs.

We are so very thankful!!! I want to thank you for praying and for your encouragement and staying involved in this journey!

We have a few challenges! We need to be out of our current space by April 30th. We DO NEED many hands over the next two weeks; specifically we need teams to assist in packing and storing items this Saturday 9-4 pm and Sunday after Lost and Found Service from 2-5 pm. The following Saturday and Sunday we will be pulling items that we built in our current space that can be used for our new space-our glass doors for nursery, shelves, kitchen sink, etc. Those who have experience with light construction, we need you!!

If you can help us in any way, please contact me by email or by cell-303-870-3772.

Also, we need your continued prayers for 5280 as it may take up to 60 days to close on our new building. We will put everything in storage and will do ministry with our 5280 family differently during this transition. As one of our young adults who are on the streets said, “this is sad, the one thing that is important to me will be gone.” In this transition time, we must assure that our family is cared for and realizes what brings us together is not a building. We definitely need wisdom as we continue to minister to our family.

Although this transition may be difficult, we are reminded that we are being blessed with generous donors, volunteers and a permanent facility that will be used to serve the needs of the homeless community in the name of the Lord for years to come!!