What We Do

Weekly Drop-In Center:

A safe place to rest, have a hot meal, conversation and a shower and basic needs.

Youth Group:

We meet weekly in a youth group setting to have a family meal together, play games and have themed nights such as: Karaoke, Talent Night, etc.

Healthy relationships and mentorship:

Our staff build trusted relationships with youth. We seek to be a listening ear, walk life with youth, provide mentorships and guidance. Out of these relationships, we walk life: celebrate milestones, take a youth to get their ID, help youth get their liscense, go to court together, visit someone in jail or in the hospital, or simply enjoying a meal together.

Giving Back and Volunteering:

One of Movement 5280’s unique focuses is we encourage youth to give back to the community. We highly encouraging ownership and responsibility of Movement 5280 by being a youth leader. Setting up, tearing down, administrative duties, serving meals, are examples where our youth are highly involved. Our youth leadership also meet monthly to discover how they can serve their community.

Classes and Bible Studies:

We offer life skill classes, job skill training, recovery groups, parenting groups and bible studies. We have a team of youth who are learning how to make furniture out of pallets. They have created and sold Colorado signs, tables and benches.

Church Community:

Movement 5280 and Refuge City Ministries have together formed a church community the youth named Lost and Found. Each week we gather to share and experience Hope found in Christ. We sing, pray together, learn from God’s word, share a meal together, and learn how to love each other.


As we walk life with youth, we seek to provide resources to help youth reach their goals. We partner with organizations and churches such as Refuge City Ministries, #Purpose Ministries, Urban Peak, Shift, Denver Public Safety Youth Programs, Denver Works, Denver First Church of the Nazarene and Hope Springs Community Church.